1	         The International President shall be the executive head of the
2      United Transportation Union, exercise general supervision over its
3      affairs and interests including all subordinate bodies and shall preside at
4      all sessions of International conventions.
5	         The International President may employ sufficient personnel and
6      such other assistance as necessary to properly conduct the business
7      and affairs of the United Transportation Union.
8	         The International President shall interpret all laws of the organiza­
9      tion, decide all questions arising therefrom, and decide all other
10     controversies not provided for under existing laws of the organization,
11     subject to appeal to the Board of Directors - all in conformity with this
12     Constitution.
13	          Subject to Article 17, the International President shall perform all
14     duties and responsibilities assigned under the Constitution and such
15     other duties and responsibilities as may be necessary for the proper
16     conduct of the affairs of the organization and the accomplishment of its
17     objectives.