1	          The Legislative Director of each State and the District of Columbia
2      shall form the Association of State Legislative Directors for the purpose
3 	 of coordinating concerted efforts for securing the enactment of laws
4 	 and	regulations, or the repeal or modification of laws and regulations to
5 	 ensure the protection and welfare of the members of the United
6 	 Transportation Union, to exchange information regarding political and
7 	 legislative activities affecting United Transportation Union members and
8 	 to recommend a legislative agenda for the United Transportation Union.
9		    The International president will convene the Association during the
10 	 year 1996, and quadrennially thereafter. State Legislative Directors
11 	 shall be members of the Association and shall represent their State


12 	 Legislative Boards at each meeting with salaries and proper expenses
13       to be paid from the International General Fund.
14 		    The Officers of the Association shall be a Chairperson, Vice
15 	 Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer to be elected by secret ballot
16       during the 1996 meeting and quadrennially thereafter.
17	 	    By-laws consistent with the provisions of this constitution will be
18 	 adopted at the 1996 meeting.
19		    A majority of Association Members shall constitute a quorum.