1		The International President, General Secretary and
2	Treasurer, and the Senior Canadian Vice President shall
3	comprise the members of the Board of Trustees. The
4	International President shall serve as Chairperson; the Senior
5	Canadian Vice President shall serve as Vice Chairperson and
6	the General Secretary and Treasurer shall serve as Secretary.
7	The Vice Chairperson shall act in behalf of the Chairperson when so
8	directed by the Chairperson. The Secretary shall keep a record of all
9	transactions and proceedings of the Board. The Board shall see that
10	the International officers discharge their financial duties faithfully and
11	efficiently and, where irregularity or neglect of duty is found, it shall
12	promptly prefer charges to the Executive Board, at all times acting


13	consistent with applicable Federal State, and Provincial laws. The
14	Board shall submit a complete report to the International of all financial
15	business transacted during the period between conventions, together
16	with recommendations to promote the financial welfare of the
17	organization.
18		The Board shall examine and audit the books and accounts of the
19	International officers annually and shall employ an expert accountant
20	for such audit.
21		It shall provide for extraordinary expenses of the organization and
22	shall receive the bonds of all International officers and, if approved,
23	each member shall endorse the bond with his/her signature before it is
24	placed on file with the General Secretary and Treasurer.
25		They shall perform such other duties as required by the
26	Constitution and as assigned by the International President.