1		Immediately after their election, the members of the Boards of
2	Appeals shall meet and elect a Chairperson and Secretary. The
3	Secretary shall keep a correct record of the proceedings of the Board.
4	A record shall be taken of all oral testimony for the use of the Board in
5	making its final decisions.
6		The Boards of Appeals shall meet semiannually, on the second
7	Monday of January and July, and at such other times as may be
8	necessary, at the headquarters locations, to consider and determine all
9	appeals submitted under the provisions of this Constitution. A majority
10	of a Board shall decide all appeals coming before that Board. It shall
11	have no authority to consider and determine any other matter, nor to
12	refer any case to any other tribunal of the organization for a decision
13	except questions arising as to the application of organization law shall
14	be referred to the International President.
15		The Boards shall give a clear and concise report of each appeal
16	properly submitted to it. Such report shall consist of a statement of all
17	material facts involved in the appeal, the contentions of the parries and
18	the decision of the Board, stating the reasons upon which the decision
19	is based. All decisions shall be released by the Boards without delay.
20		In an appeal involving a Board member's local, such Board member
21	must disqualify himself/herself and be excused by the Chairperson of
22	the Board. The original decision shall be signed by each member of the
23	Board participating and, following each signature, the word "for" or
24	"against" shall be written indicating his/her vote on the matter. Copies
25	of all decisions shall contain the names of the Board members
26	participating. Decisions of the Boards of Appeals shall be final and
27	binding and shall not be appealable to the convention.
28		The Boards shall, at the conclusion of each meeting, submit a
29	report properly authenticated to all interested subordinate bodies and
30	International officers.
31		A member of the Boards of Appeals shall not represent the
32	International in any other capacity while serving as a member of the
33	Board.