1		Official National and Canadian publications shall be issued regularly
2	by the United Transportation Union which shall be under the business
3	management of the International President and General Secretary and
4	Treasurer. The International President shall be Editor-in-Chief and
5	employ such editorial and other assistance as necessary. The
6	publications shall be furnished to all active members of the United
7	Transportation Union and to widows and retired members who make
8	request for the publications, provided they keep the International
9	advised as to their correct address. All money for subscriptions shall be
10	paid to the General Secretary and Treasurer and credited to the
11 	General Fund of the International.
12		The expense of maintaining the publications shall be paid from the
13	General Fund of the International and the amount paid pro-rated
14	quarterly against the various funds of the International on a percentage
16	basis agreed to by the International President, and the Board of
17	Trustees.