1		Any person of good moral character who is employed in a craft or
2	vocation, whether public or private employment, represented by the
3	United Transportation Union is eligible to membership.
4		To gain admission or readmission, an applicant must execute and
5	file with the local Treasurer an official application for membership which
6	must be accompanied by cash, check, or money order to cover one
7	month's dues and assessments.
8		No application for admission or readmission shall be accepted by
9	the Treasurer or considered in any manner until three (3) members of
10	the local have signed the same certifying that to the best of their belief
11	the applicant is of good moral character and if admitted to membership
12	in the United Transportation Union will be a worthy member. Upon
13	receipt of a properly executed application accompanied by the required
14	dues and assessment, the local Treasurer will issue to the applicant an
15	official receipt and will promptly forward to the General Secretary and
16 	Treasurer the completed application, together with the required dues
17	and assessments. The local Treasurer will report at each meeting all
18	admissions and readmissions occurring subsequent to the last meeting
19	of the local.
20		Notwithstanding the foregoing the International President may
21	waive compliance with the provisions of this Article where he/she is
22	satisfied that an application for certification will be made by the United
23	Transportation Union to any Labour Relations Board in Canada; in such
24	case,	compliance by any person in Canada with the minimum
25	requirements of the appropriate Labour Relations Board respecting
26	membership in a trade union shall be considered as conferring
27	membership upon such person.
28		The official membership application form will include the following
29	statement which will be subscribed to, and signed by, the applicant in
30	the presence of an officer or member of the local who shall witness the
31	applicant's signature and certify by signature that he/she has done so:
32		"I pledge my honor to faithfully observe the Constitution
33		and Laws of the United Transportation Union, including
34		the by-laws of my local; to comply with the rules and
35		regulations for the government of the United
36		Transportation Union; not to make known to outsiders


37		any private proceedings of the United Transportation
38		Union; to faithfully perform all the duties assigned to me
39		to the best of my ability and skill; to so conduct myself
40		at all times as not to bring reproach upon my union and
41		at all times bear true and faithful allegiance to the
42		United Transportation Union."