1		Every member of the United Transportation Union grants complete
2	authority to the United Transportation Union and any of its constituted
3	representatives to act in said member's behalf for the purpose of
4	disposing, in any manner, of any and all of said member's claims,
5	complaints, or grievances against their employer; and to submit such
6	claims, complaints, or grievances for determination to any person,
7	board, or other tribunal provided by law or otherwise as may be
8	deemed to be necessary. The United Transportation Union shall have
9	authority to receive notice of hearings, or to waive hearing, and to
10	appear for, represent, and act for its members before any person,
11	board, or other tribunal in connection with consideration and


12 	determination of claims, complaints, or grievances, subject to the right 
13 	of appeal in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution, except 
14 	where the member involved serves reasonable written notice on the 
15 	United Transportation Union to the contrary.
16		Decisions reached disposing of or settling claims, complaints, and
17 	grievances referred to herein shall be furnished in writing, within thirty
18 	(30) days after such decision, to the Local Chairperson and Secretary of
19 	the local submitting such claims, complaints, and grievances.