1		(a) In the event the charter of a local is revoked or surrendered
2	the members shall be transferred to a local having jurisdiction over
3	their current employment. The local having jurisdiction will be
4	designated by the International President and such members will be
5	transferred on the date such revocation or surrender is effective.
6		(b) Following the date of unification, members in active service
7	must become members and maintain membership in the local having
8	jurisdiction over the craft in which assigned on the seniority territory on
9	which employed. Thereafter, if a member is assigned to another craft
10	under the jurisdiction of another local for a period in excess of ninety
11	(90) days the Treasurer of the local with which the member is affiliated


12	shall, upon receipt of written request from the Treasurer of the local
13	under whose jurisdiction the member is working, issue a transfer
14	certificate for the member.
15		Nothing in this section shall prohibit a member from voluntarily
16	transferring to another Local in less than ninety (90) days provided
17	he/she is working under the jurisdiction of that Local.
18		(c) Notwithstanding the foregoing, and in circumstances in which
19	two (2) or more locals have identical jurisdiction a member may, upon
20	written request, transfer his/her membership from one such local to the
21 	other.
22		(d) General Chairpersons, Local Presidents, Local Chairpersons,
23	First Vice Local Chairpersons, Secretary and Treasurers, and Legislative
24	Representatives shall not be subject to the aforementioned transfer
25	requirements.
26		(e) Transfer certificates will be in the form prescribed by the
27	General Secretary and Treasurer and completed in quadruplicate by the
28	Local Treasurer, forwarding the original to the local requesting the
29	transfer, the second copy to the General Secretary and Treasurer, the
30	third copy to the member being transferred, and retaining the fourth
31	copy for his/her records. Upon the completion of this transaction, the
32	member will be obliged to pay dues and assessments, effective on the
33	first day of the following month, to the local to which transferred.
34		(f) Members required to transfer from one local to another local in
35	the application of this Article may continue to participate in any benefit
36	program in which they were participating at the time of said transfer,
37	provided such member continues to remit the necessary payment for
38	said benefits.