1		When authorized by a majority vote of its membership, a local may
2	establish a Maintenance of Membership fund by levying an assessment
3	of $1.00 per member for one month or transferring an equivalent
4	amount from the local fund.
5		The purpose of the Maintenance of Membership fund is to provide
6	a fund from which the local Treasurer may, without written request
7	from the member or advance approval of the local, advance the dues
8	and assessments of members who do not pay the same in advance
9	before the first day of the month. The Treasurer will not advance the
10	dues and assessments of a member who submits, before the first day
11	of the month, written request for a termination of membership.
12		When dues and assessments are advanced from the Maintenance
13	of Membership fund, the member involved must reimburse the fund for
14	the amount of the dues and assessments plus a service charge of
15	$1.00. Should the member fail to repay this amount during the month
16	for which the advance was made, the Treasurer will make no further
17	advances for benefits until the member has paid the indebtedness. If
18	the member is subsequently suspended for non-payment of dues or
19	discontinues membership in any other manner, the amount of
20	indebtedness to the Maintenance of Membership fund will be deducted
21	from any payment that may be due said member from the International
22	or the local. If recovery of the amount due the Maintenance of
23	Membership fund is not accomplished in this manner, the suspended
24	member will not be readmitted to membership until the amount due
25	has been paid.