1		The elective officers of a local shall consist of a President, Vice
2	President, Secretary and Treasurer, and a Board of Trustees consisting
3	of three (3) members. By action of a local, the office of Secretary and
4	Treasurer may be separated and elections held to fill each office. A
5	local having fifty (50) or more members may create the office of
6	Collector.
7		The President of the local may appoint officers consisting of
8	guards, committees, and stewards as necessary to conduct the
9	functions of the local.
10		Stewards will be responsible for the interchange of information and
11	communication between local officers and the membership. They shall
12	not be vested to act with any authority reserved to elected officers.
13		The elective and appointed officers shall serve for a period of three
14	(3) years or until their successors assume office. No member may fill
15	more than one (1) of these elective offices at the same time.