1		The election for officers of a local shall be held in November, 1969,
2	and each three (3) years thereafter.
3		An election to fill the offices of Local Committees of Adjustment
4	shall be held in November, 1970, and quadrennially thereafter.
5		An election for Legislative Representatives and Alternate Legislative
6	Representatives shall be held in November, 1971, and quadrennially


7	thereafter. Candidates for these offices must be qualified voters.
8		Local Committeepersons and Legislative Representatives shall
9	assume their office on January 1, following the year of the Quadrennial
10	election.
11		An election for Delegate and Alternate Delegate shall be held in
12	November, 1970, and quadrennially thereafter. In locals having
13	jurisdiction over more than one craft, the Delegate and Alternate
14	Delegate must be elected from different crafts.
15		Officers stipulated in this Article shall be elected by secret ballot at
16	a November meeting of the local, or by referendum vote, as provided
17	by existing by-laws or procedures of each local. Nominations must be
18	filed with the Secretary not later than the last regular meeting in
19	October in the year of election.	Where nominations are made by
20	nominating petition, at least five (5) members eligible to vote shall sign
21	the petition. The Secretary shall promptly acknowledge receipt of all
22	petitions and read them at the last regular meeting in October.
23		The members present at the last regular meeting in October shall
24	set the date on which the ballots shall be counted and the election
25 	held.
26		The Secretary shall prepare ballots showing the names of all
27 	candidates and the offices for which they are nominated.
28	Incumbent officers shall appear first with names of other
29 	candidates following in alphabetical order.
30		The ballots shall be prepared so as to provide a square opposite
31 	each candidate's name in which the voter can mark his/her preference
32 	of candidates.
33		In locals having more than one Local Committee of Adjustment for
34 	different crafts, the Secretary will provide a separate ballot for all
35 	eligible voters of each craft working under the jurisdiction of the
36 	committee involved.
37		When voting by mail referendum the ballot shall be mailed by
38 	government first-class mail to each member eligible to vote in
39 	envelopes bearing a return address the same as the Post Office address
40 	on the "Ballot" envelopes. Ballots shall be mailed at least fifteen (15)
41 	days prior to the date set to tabulate the ballots, together with a leaflet
42 	containing voting instructions, an envelope marked "A", and a stamped
43 	envelope marked "Ballot" addressed to the Secretary in care of the
44 	postmaster for mailing by the voter.
45		The leaflet containing voting instructions shall contain the
46 	following:
47		"Instructions for voting by mail: The voter will make a
48		mark in the square of his/her choice, fold, and place
49		the ballot in the envelope marked 'A' and seal. Place
50		sealed envelope 'A' in envelope marked 'Ballot' and
51		seal. Place name and address in upper left-hand
52		corner of envelope marked 'Ballot' and mail. Do not
53		place any mark of identification on the ballot or the
54		envelope marked 'A' that would destroy the secrecy of
55		the ballot."


56		The Secretary shall arrange with the postmaster for a post office
57	box. The key or combination of such box shall remain in possession of
58	the postmaster. Such arrangement shall be confirmed by letter.
59		On the day set for the tabulation of the ballots and election,the
60	President will appoint three (3) tellers. A copy of the letter confirming
61	the arrangement with the postmaster will be furnished the tellers which
62	will authorize the postmaster to deliver the contents of the box to the
63	tellers at a given hour.
64		The tellers shall return to the local and canvass the ballots. They
65	will check the names on the envelopes marked "Ballot" against the list
66	of eligible voters furnished by the Secretary, open the envelopes
67	marked "Ballot", and remove the envelopes marked "A". After all
68	envelopes marked "Ballot" have been opened, and emptied, the
69	envelopes marked "A" shall be opened, ballots removed, and canvassed
70	by the tellers. The results shall be reported to the President of the local
71 	in writing.
72		The candidate receiving a majority of the votes cast for a given
73 	office shall be declared elected. If no one (1) of the candidates for a
74 	given office receives a majority of the votes cast, another ballot shall be
75 	submitted to all eligible voters upon which shall appear only the names
76 	of the two (2) candidates receiving the highest numbers of votes cast
77 	for that office. If any number of the candidates for a given office are
78 	tied for the highest number of the votes cast, another ballot shall be
79 	submitted to all eligible voters upon which shall appear only the names
80 	of the candidates receiving the highest number of votes cast for that
81 	office. If one (1) candidate receives the highest number but that
82 	number does not constitute a majority of the votes cast for a given
83 	office and any number of candidates are tied for the second highest
84 	number of votes cast, another ballot shall be submitted to all eligible
85 	voters upon which shall appear only the name of the candidate
86 	receiving the highest number and the names of the candidates
87 	receiving the second highest number of the votes cast for that office.
88		The Board of Trustees shall be elected by a majority of the ballots
89 	cast.
90		The Secretary will keep all election records for one (1) year,
91 	including used, unused and void ballots, eligible list, tally sheets, and
92 	"ballot" envelopes used to mail in marked ballots.
93		When only one (1) nomination has been received for an office the
94 	member so nominated will be declared elected on the day set for the
95 	tabulation of ballots and election.
96		In the event of a permanent vacancy in any office, the local shall
97 	proceed to fill the vacancy in accordance with the by-laws of the local
98 	or as provided in this Article; except the Vice President shall succeed to
99 	the office of President, the Alternate Legislative Representative shall
100 	succeed to the office of Legislative Representative, and the Alternate
101 	Delegate shall succeed to the office of Delegate.
102 		In elections for Local Committees of Adjustment, only members in
103 	service under the jurisdiction of such committee will be notified of such
104 	election and permitted to file or sign nominating petitions and vote.


105		Locals failing to complete their regular elections during the month
106	of November, must notify the International President the reason
107	therefor and the date set for the completion of the election.
108		Locals must, following each election of officers or succession to
109	office, promptly notify the General Secretary and Treasurer, interested
110	General Chairpersons, and State, District, and Provincial Legislative
1ll	Boards of the names and addresses of the new officers.
112		Local Officers, Committeepersons, Legislative Representatives and
113	Delegates	upon leaving office must promptly transfer all property,
114	funds, securities, equipment and other effects of their office to their
115	successor. Any member failing to comply with the provisions of this