1		The elective and appointive officers enumerated in Article 56 shall
2	be installed as soon as possible following their election and shall
3	assume their duties on January I or as soon thereafter as they are
4	installed.
5		They must present themselves at a regular or special meeting for
6	installation within sixty (60) days following their election or
7	appointment and failing to do so, their office will be declared vacant.
8		Where a vacancy is filled in an interim election, the successful
9	candidate will assume the duties of such office immediately upon
10	installation.
11		The installation ceremony shall be performed by the ranking or the
12	most recent Past President, or if no Past President is available, by a
13	member named by the officer presiding at the meeting. The officers to
14	be installed will be called before the installing officer who will read the
15	following obligation:
16			"Do you hereby pledge on your honor to perform the
17			duties of your respective offices as required by the
18			Constitution of the United Transportation Union; to bear
19			true and faithful allegiance to the United Transportation
20			Union and with complete good faith to support,
21			advance, and carry out all official policies of the United
22			Transportation Union; to deliver to your successor all
23			books, papers, and other property of the United
24			Transportation Union that may be in your possession at
25			the end of your term-of office; and at all times conduct
26			yourself as becomes a member of the United
27			Transportation Union."


28	The officers being installed shall respond:
29		"I do."
30	The installing officer shall then say:
31		"Your duties are defined in the Constitution of the
32		United Transportation Union and in the by-laws of this
33		local. Should an emergency arise which is not covered
34		by these laws you are expected to exercise good
35		judgment and common sense in order to advance the
36		best interest of the United Transportation Union."
37		"You will now assume your respective stations."