1		The President shall preside at all meetings of the local, enforce the
2	provisions of this Constitution and the by-laws of the local, and exercise
3	general supervision over its affairs. The President shall decide all
4	questions of law and order, subject to appeal to the local by any two
5	(2) members. He/she shall appoint a majority of all committees and
6	shall sign all documents that require authentication.
7		The President shall see that the local officers respond to inquiries
8	from the International and shall, with the Secretary and/or Treasurer,
9	file all reports required of locals by Federal, State, Provincial, or local
10	laws, and countersign all disbursements issued by check or draft.
11		The President may speak on any subject before the local but
12	he/she may not vote except, in case of a tie vote, on a matter upon
13	which he/she is otherwise eligible to vote shall cast the deciding ballot.