1		The Treasurer shall receive all money due to be collected by the
2	local and give his/her receipt for the same. Where a local maintains
3	the office of Collector, the provisions of Article 65 will apply. The
4	Treasurer shall hold and keep secure all local funds and shall be
5	bonded as provided in Article 71 of this Constitution. He/she shall sign
6	all papers requiring his/her signature and perform other duties required
7	by this Constitution and the by-laws of the local. He/she shall keep an
8	accurate account for all receipts and expenditures of the local on forms
9	provided for that purpose. These records shall be open at all times for
10	inspection and audit by officers of the International or their
11	representatives.
12		The Treasurer shall promptly, but not later than the 20th day of
13 	each month, remit to the General Secretary and Treasurer all monies
14 	due the International. All disbursements issued by check or draft must
15 	be countersigned by the President of the local. Each disbursement shall
16 	be reported by the Treasurer at the first meeting of the local following
17 	the disbursement.
18	During the month of January of each year the Treasurer shall


19	submit to the Board of Trustees a report in duplicate, on the form
20	prescribed for that purpose, showing all receipts and disbursements of
21	the local for the preceding year. The Board of Trustees will promptly
22	audit the books and, if the Treasurer's report is found to be correct and
23	the cash on hand or its equivalent has been verified, the Board
24	members shall sign and submit the report to the first regular meeting of
25	the local following the audit. A copy of the signed report shall then be
26	sent to the General Secretary and Treasurer by the Board of Trustees.
27		The Treasurer shall be a member of all local committees which
28	receive or disburse money. When local action is taken approving the
29	disbursement of funds which in the opinion of the Treasurer is in
30	violation of provisions of this Constitution or the local's by-laws, he/she
31	shall withhold payment for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days and
32	report the matter at once to the International President. The Treasurer
33	will then be governed by the International President's instructions
34	regarding the expenditure involved, subject to appeal.
35		The Treasurer shall notify the Treasurer of another local when
36	he/she has knowledge that a member of his/her local is employed
37	under the jurisdiction of the other local.
38		It shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer to credit dues and
39	assessments paid to the appropriate Local Committee of Adjustment
40	and General Committee of Adjustment accounts of his/her local in
41	accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.
42		The Treasurer shall, with the President and Secretary, file all
43	reports required by Federal, State, Provincial, and local laws.