1	      Unless otherwise provided, any member paying full dues shall be
2    eligible for election to any office in the United Transportation Union,
3    except a member who:
4	            (a) Has attained age 65 or attains age 65 during the year of
5		          election;
6	            (b) Holds membership in any other union representing trans­
7		          portation employees, other fields of employment, trades
8		          and industries, whether in public or private employment,
9		          except when a member is forced by agreement to belong
10		          to another union;
11	            (c) Is serving in an official capacity with a transportation
12		          company, other fields of employment, trades and indus­
13		          tries, whether in public or private employment, except as
14		          yardmaster where the United Transportation Union holds
15		          the contract for yardmasters;
16	            (d) Does not hold seniority rights in transportation service,
17		          other fields of employment, trades and industries, whether
18		          in public or private employment where the United Trans­
19		          portation Union holds the contract, except this does not
20		          apply when a member is dismissed from service and his
21		          case is being appealed;
22	            (e) Voluntarily elects to receive a rebate of dues from any
23		          department will not be eligible to hold office in that depart­
24		          ment and will not be eligible for the offices of Delegate or
25		          Alternate Delegate, Legislative Representative, or Alternate
26		          Legislative Representative;
27	            (f) Is restricted from holding office by Labor-Management
28		          Reporting and Disclosure Act;
29	            (g) Is an elected officer of the International shall not be
30		          eligible to the office of Delegate.
31	            (h) Is serving as a Local Officer (President, Vice President,
32		          Secretary, Treasurer, Collector, Legislative Representative
33		          and Trustee) and Local Committee of Adjustment Officers
34		          (Local Chairperson, Vice Local Chairpersons and Secretary)
35		          who serve on a part time basis need only be members in
36		          good standing to retain their office.