1		Grievances must be reduced to writing, contain complete
2	information on the subject matter and be submitted to the Local
3	Committee of Adjustment holding jurisdiction. Grievances involving
4	violations of the agreement, reinstatement, safety, or health and
5	welfare shall be given prompt handling with local officials of the
6	employer. A report by the committee will be made at the next meeting.
7		When grievances are being considered by a local, only those
8	members employed in the craft on the territory involved shall be
9	permitted to vote, provided that at least five (5) such members must be
10	present before any action can be taken. If more than one (1) craft is
11	involved the grievance shall be considered and determined separately
12	by each craft.
13		In the absence of a collective bargaining agreement to the
14	contrary, no grievance involving requests for reinstatement shall be
15	accepted after the expiration of two (2) years from the date of
16	dismissal. Any grievance involving positions and rank on seniority
17	rosters shall be reviewed and corrected when and if factual evidence is
18	presented to show an error in record keeping.