1		The Executive Committee of each State or District Legislative Board
2 	may be convened by the Director at least forty-five (45) days, where
3 	possible, prior to each primary and general election, for the purpose of
4 	endorsing candidates for State offices and to make recommendations
5 	for	candidates for the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives
6 	and to transact such other business as may be necessary.
7		State Legislative Directors will promptly advise the International
8 	President and the National Legislative Director of all endorsements of
9 	State Candidates and recommendations for Members of Congress made
10 	by the Executive Committee.
11 		The State or District Legislative Directors may remain in the capitol
12 	during sessions of the Legislature, when so authorized by the
13 	Legislative Board, and shall devote all of his/her time to securing the
14 	enactment of such laws, or the repeal or modification of such other
15 	laws as directed by the Legislative Board. He/she shall organize
16 	opposition to and appear before appropriate agencies to oppose
17 	discontinuance of trains and buses. He/she shall urge compliance with
18 	all laws which protect the welfare of members of the United
19 	Transportation Union and shall promptly report violations of State laws
20 	and regulations to the proper State enforcement agency. Violations of
21 	all Federal laws and regulations shall be reported to the National
22 	Legislative Director or proper Federal agency.
23 		An additional Director or Directors may remain at the capitol to
24 	assist in legislative matters, when recommended by the Executive
25 	Committee and approved by the International President. He/she shall
26 	perform such duties as may be assigned by the International President.
27 		The Secretary of the State or District Legislative Board shall keep a
28 	record and make a report of the proceedings of all meetings of the
29 	Legislative Board and the Executive Committee and shall furnish the
30 	Legislative Representative and Secretary of each local, under the
31 	jurisdiction of the Board, and the International President with a copy 
32 	the report.
33		Full-time Legislative Directors shall make a quarterly report of their
34 	activities to Secretaries and Legislative Representatives of all locals
35 	under their jurisdiction and use such other means as necessary to keep
36 	the membership well informed. They shall attach to the report an
37 	itemized statement of receipts and disbursements of the Board which
38 	shall be furnished them by the General Secretary and Treasurer. A
39 	copy of this report shall be furnished the International President.
40		Part-time State or District Legislative Directors or Assistant
41 	Directors may, when recommended by the Executive Committee and
42 	approved by the International President, visit locals and appear before


43	commissions or other agencies in the United Transportation Union's
44	behalf. They shall be authorized to cooperate with other organizations
45	to this end. They shall perform such other duties as may be required
46	by their Legislative Board by-laws and this Constitution.
47		All proposed legislation shall be submitted to the International
48	President for approval and copies of all bills introduced which may be
49	detrimental to labor shall be forwarded by Legislative Directors to the
50	International President.
51		Questions of jurisdiction involving Legislative Boards and General
52	Committees pertaining to laws, abandonments, and/or borderline
53	matters shall be referred to the International President for decision.
54		Any member using his/her influence in the name of the United
55	Transportation Union to defeat any action taken by the National
56	Legislative Director or a State or District Legislative Board shall, upon
57	conviction thereof, be expelled.
58		Officers and members of State and District Legislative Boards shall
59	be under the direction of, and cooperate with, the National Legislative
60	Director on all National Legislative policies and proposed Federal
61	legislation established by the International or the Board of Directors.
62	They shall cooperate with the Auxiliary and other groups on matters of
63	mutual interest consistent with the legislative policies of the United
64	Transportation Union.
65		On any legislative issue which involves the discontinuance of
66	engine-service positions on railroads, the Executive Committee will
67	authorize an engine-service officer of the Legislative Boards to handle
68	such issues under the supervision of the Executive Committee.