1		For the purpose of protecting the legislative interests of its
2 	members in Canada, the United Transportation Union shall maintain a
3 	department to be known as the Canadian Legislative Department of the
4 	United Transportation Union.
5		The International President shall call for the convening of the
6 	Legislative Representatives in each of the Provinces in the month of
7 	January following the quadrennial elections or as soon thereafter as the
8 	elections are completed. He/she shall schedule such meetings so that
9 	the	Canadian Legislative Director may attend the meeting in each
10 	Province.
11		Upon receipt of such call, all locals in each Province shall arrange
12 	to send their Legislative Representative to the meeting in the Province
13 	and shall provide him/her with a credential bearing the local seal and
14 	the signatures of the local President and Secretary.
15		Meetings of Legislative Representatives shall be held in the capital
16 	city of the Province, unless otherwise desired by a majority of the locals
17 	in that Province.
18		When the Legislative Representatives meet, they shall organize a
19 	Provincial Legislative Board by the election of a Chairperson, Vice
20 	Chairperson, and Secretary, whose terms of office shall be four (4)
21 	years or until their successors have qualified. Not more than one (1)
22 	officer of the Executive Committee shall be elected from any one craft,
23 	except by a two-thirds vote.
24		The International President shall convene an interim meeting of the
25 	Canadian Provincial Legislative Boards two (2) years from the date of
26 	the organization meetings of these Boards and the Canadian Legislative
27 	Director may attend such meetings.
28		If a vacancy occurs in any office of a Provincial Legislative Board,
29 	other than the office of Chairperson, a successor shall be appointed to
30 	fill the vacancy by the remaining executive officers of the Board. If a
31 	vacancy occurs in the office of Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson shall
32 	fill the vacancy, in which event the Vice Chairperson shall be appointed.
33		The Chairpersons of the Provincial Legislative Boards in Canada
34 	shall	constitute the Canadian Legislative Board and shall be convened
35 	at the capital by the retiring Chairperson of the Board, or by the
36 	International President, within a reasonable time after the several
37 	Provincial Legislative Boards have been organized. It shall meet at
38 	such	other times as determined by a majority of its members. At the
39 	quadrennial meeting, a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Secretary
40 	shall	be elected whose terms of office shall be four (4) years or until
41 	their	successors have qualified. If a vacancy occurs in any office of the
42 	Canadian Legislative Board during the interim between reorganization


43 	meetings, a successor from among the Chairpersons of the Provincial
44 	Legislative Boards shall be elected to fill the vacancy by the remaining
45 	officers.
46		Each Canadian Legislative Board and/or Provincial Legislative Board
47	may adopt by-laws for its special government consistent with the
48	provisions of this Constitution.