1		The Canadian Legislative Board may do and authorize such things
2	as are not inconsistent with the laws and policy of the United
3	Transportation Union which shall be of benefit in carrying out the
4	purpose of this department. All proposed legislation shall be submitted
5	to the International President for approval and copies of all bills
6	introduced which in the opinion of the officers of the Canadian
7	Legislative Board may be detrimental to labor shall be forwarded to the
8	International President.
9		The function of the Canadian Legislative Board shall be to
10	coordinate concerted efforts for securing the enactment of
11	laws and regulations, or the repeal or modification of laws and
12	regulations to ensure the protection and welfare of the
13	members of the United Transportation Union, to exchange
14	information regarding political and legislative activities
15	affecting United Transportation Union members and to
16	recommend a legislative agenda for the United Transportation
17 	Union.
18		The Provincial Legislative Boards shall keep closely in touch with all
19 	matters affecting members of the United Transportation Union in their
20 	respective Provinces. The Board shall use every means to have
21 	legislation enacted whereby conditions affecting the members of the
22 	United Transportation Union shall be improved. They shall also
23 	consider matters of general Canadian interest and make
24 	recommendations to the Canadian Legislative Board relative thereto.
25		When the legislative interests of the United Transportation Union
26 	are threatened the Chairperson may call a meeting of the officers of the
27 	Legislative Board. When they meet, if one-fourth of the locals request
28 	that all local Legislative Representatives should be convened, they shall
29 	issue the call for such meeting upon its approval by the International
30	President.
31		Any members who uses his/her influence in the name of the United
32	Transportation Union to defeat any action taken by the Canadian
33	Legislative Director, Canadian Legislative Board, or a Provincial
34	Legislative Board shall, upon conviction thereof, be expelled. The
35	charter of a local using its influence in like manner may be suspended
36	or revoked by the International President.
37		At the close of each session of the Canadian Legislative Board, the


38	Secretary shall prepare a report of all business transacted and send a
39	copy to each local in Canada, the International President, and the
40	Canadian Legislative Director. This report shall include an itemized bill
41	for all services rendered. At the close of each year, and at such other
42	times as may be necessary, the Canadian Legislative Director shall
43	make reports to all locals in Canada and the International President.
44		The Chairperson of a Provincial Legislative Board shall, at the close
45	of each Provincial meeting, make a report of all legislation presented to
46	the meeting and send a copy to the International President, General
47	Secretary and Treasurer, Chairperson and Secretary of the Canadian
48	Legislative Board, Canadian Legislative Director, and all locals in the
49	Province. This report shall include an itemized bill for all services
50 	rendered.
51		Officers of Provincial Legislative Boards and officers and members
52	of the Canadian Legislative Board shall cooperate with other
53	organizations in Canadian legislative matters regarded as mutually
54	beneficial. They shall perform such other duties as may be required by
55	their Legislative Board and this Constitution.
56		Officers and members of Provincial Legislative Boards shall
57	cooperate with the Canadian Legislative Director on all
58	Canadian legislative policies and proposed Federal legislation
59	as established by the International or the Board of Directors.